Master Molded Products, LLC. serves customers in the plastics packaging segment from a variety of industries; such as health and beauty, household cleaning products, and food and beverage products, all with very diverse plastic packaging requirements.

MMP specializes in a Concept to Reality in-house design of our customer’s specific cap, closure or container. Master Molded Products will customize your design to make it stand out from your competition.

This Concept to Reality service offers complete development from initial creative concepts and custom packaging designs, to in-house Object 3-D prototyping, then pre-production or prototype unit molds if needed, and ultimately to production mold construction whether four cavity or sixty-four, with full low-cost efficient production.

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Custom closure versus a stock closure…. 

Are you still buying stock?

Consider the alternative….

Owning your own tooling eliminates sharing the same components as your competitor; you avoid the “me-too approach” and create a stand out product. Through innovative design and manufacturing, Master Molded Products produces cost competitive custom products for your specific package or cap-closure application.

When looking for a unique design that you can’t find available in a stock closure, Master Molded Products, LLC. can “fill the bill”. You may also find that the savings with our piece-part prices, to duplicate a closure, cap or container, and adding your own customized features, may pay for the initial tooling investment very rapidly. All custom molds are guaranteed for one to three million shots, to provide a long lasting quality product.

Food Container

Food Service Containers

Strategic Molding Partner for the Food Service Industry

Master Molded Products, LLC is a high capacity NSF, Kosher and AIB International certified molder with a history of producing cost effective, high volume food containers, lids and closures.


Master Molded Products, LLC is a high volume polypropylene molder able to leverage resins purchases that contribute to low cost, high volume production.  We have extensive experience designing, debugging and maintaining living hinge products.


Our in-house engineers have the expertise to help clients move from concept to reality and keep high capacity tools running at optimum cycle times and at the quality levels you demand.

Caps, Tops, Closures, Lids

Whether a closure, cap or container application needs to emphasizes the aesthetic or the practical, ease of design, child resistance (CRC),tamper evident (TE) consumer or elderly friendliness, Master Molded Products, LLC has the expertise needed to develop design solutions for the most challenging projects, such as:

  • Health and Beauty dispensing closures
  • Dry and Liquid Food product closures
  • Shampoo dispensing closures
  • Home Cleaning product containers and caps
  • Biomedical packaging
  • Vitamins, botanicals, OTC closures, caps and containers
  • Car Care products
  • Retail Point of Purchase packaging

Whatever your plastic cap, closure or container requirements are, simply contact Master Molded Products, LLC. We’ll partner with you to give you that Concept to Reality solution including; living hinges and custom shaped caps and closures.
Master Molded Products, LLC has decades of experience in designing high quality, consumer oriented and competitively priced plastic packaging products. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a workforce that is skilled, experienced, and highly trained in creative and cosmetic plastic injection molding from a variety of thermo plastic materials, makes Master Molded Products the perfect innovative partner.
Asian tooling capabilities for plastic packaging projects can also help customers achieve extra cost savings.

Creative, Consumer Oriented, Competitive – “Doing whatever it takes.”

Packaging Flip Closures
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