Facilities & Equipment

Injection Molding Presses

JSW Machine

3 Rotary Vertical Presses 85-200 Tons
Capacity 2 – 9 oz.

2 Vertical/Horizontal Allrounders 44-55 Tons
Capacity 2.1 oz.

2 Horizontal Presses 50  to 100 Tons
Capacity 1 – 5 oz.

5 Horizontal Presses 100 to 200 Tons**
Capacity 6.8 – 10.5oz.

3 Horizontial Presses 200 to 300 Tons
Capacity 9 – 14 oz.

9 Horizontal Presses 300 to 400 Tons ***
Capacity  28.5 – 48 oz.

7 Horizontal Presses 400 to 500 Tons
Capacity 40 – 60 oz.

2 Horizontal Presses 650 Tons
Capacity 125 oz.

** Includes two 185 ton JSW ALL ELECTRIC Presses

*** Includes four 385 ton JSW ALL ELECTRIC presses

Product and Mold Engineering

Master Molded Products, LLC. is completely equipped to develop your product from concept to model, from prototype to final production tool. We welcome the opportunity to design the optimum part for performance, economical cost, and moldability.

We can accept data via 4mm DAT,  CD/DVD, and Modem. You can also request access to our MMP FTP site –  click here.

  • CATIA (Chrysler Design Software, Version 5.0)
  • PRO/Engineer Wildfire 3.0
  • DraftSight Version 2.0
  • MoldFlow/Plastics Insight Version 2.0 (Mold Flow Analysis for developing preferred mold design)
  • Eden Objet 250 (3-Dimensional Printing System) for rapid prototype modeling capability
  • OCE 9400 II E Size Digital Scanner/Copier/Printer


Plastic Injection Mold

Tool and Die Facilities

A fully-equipped tool room with experienced toolmakers. Master Molded Products, LLC provides defined preventive maintenance and repair for our molds, insuring long life and high-quality products for every run. The MMP tool room is completely equipped with mills, lathes, grinders and all related equipment needed for maintaining your molds.

Contact us today to learn more about our expertly crafted products.

33 Injection Molding Machines Total

Machines equipped with robotics. Bulk Silo material storage available.

Plastic Finishing and Packaging Department

Master Molded Products, LLC. specializes in complete secondary operations to deliver assembly-ready parts to our customers. We offer “turnkey” products, completely assembled and packed.

  • Ultrasonic Welding
    • Three- Branson, 700-1400 watts
  • Pad Printing
    • Two- Color Print – 5″
    • Two- 8′ Drying Ovens
  • Silk Screening
    • One- 15″ x 26″ Saturn Graphic Screen Press
    • One- 550,000 Btu 48″ Sprint Modular Textile Gas Dryer
  • Drill and Tap
    • Six- 15″ Drill Presses
    • Two- Single Spindle Tapping Heads
    • One- Multiple Spindle Tapping Head
  • Linear/Vibration Welding
    • Two- Branson, 200-280 Hz
  • Hot Stamping
    • One- 5-Station Turntable
    • Five- Manual Machines
  •  One- Enercon 3D Ai Plasma Surface Treating Equipment

Quality Assurance

Master Molded Products, LLC. certifications include:

Quality systems are developed to meet our customers’ specific requirements, using APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning).

Our Quality technicians will custom design the correct measuring gauges for your particular product application.

MMP is also compliant to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Standard QMMY2 for material traceability. All of the products we manufacture are shipped certified, and are lot traceable.

We use an integrated computerized information system to manage and administer our Quality System.

Equipment Includes:

Gretag-Macbeth Spectralight III Light Booth
Sartorius Omni Mark Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer
OGP Smart Scope Video Measuring System
Mititoyo B231 Coordinate Measuring Machine with IBM 300GL Computer Geomeasure 3000 Software
RAM Optical Video Probe for CMM
OGP Model 14B Optical Comparator
Konica Minolta CM-2500D Color Spectrophotometer
Shipmo – 500/ 150 (2) Compression/Tension Machines
Kayeness Model 7054 Melt Indexer
Gardner Impact Tester
Mititoyo Digital Counter Height Gage with Center Finder
88-Piece Set of Gage Blocks, Certified Traceable to Bureau of Standards and Technology
24 x 18 Granite Surface Place
Bausch & Lomb Stereo Zoom Microscope with 7x to 30x Magnification, Reticle Scale, and Vertical Illuminator
Amstat Static Meter
RJS Bar Code Reader/Validation

Contact us today to learn more about our expertly crafted products.