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A Division of Quantum Plastics

Master Molded Products is a custom plastic injection molding company that was founded in 1946. Originally a tool and die making company, custom plastic injection molding capabilities were added in 1952.  Today, this 110,000 square foot production facility in Elgin, Illinois makes injection molded plastic products for a number of diverse businesses; Automotive, Packaging, and Industrial-Consumer are three key groups.  The Elgin Facility team of specialists brings complete part design, injection mold design, automation of process, and quality expertise to customize the solutions necessary for different and unique industry and market requirements. We welcome you to visit our state-of-the-art 110,000 square foot production facility in Elgin, Illinois.

Each business segment, whether automotive, packaging or Industrial- Consumer, has its own set of particular challenges.  When fulfilling the requirements of these business segments, our goal at Master Molded Products is to continually improve what we do with the latest technology, to remain price competitive, and ultimately to make every customer’s business more successful and to exceed our customers expectations in every way.

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Master Molded Products, LLC. can make your more successful..

  • Competitive pricing
  • Automation
  • Creative Solutions
  • Flexibility – to understand and respond to our customers
  • Engineer your product for optimum manufacturability
  • Transfer of existing molds to MMP –  a systematic process to insure fast turnaround
  • Recognizing the need for “Speed to Market”
  • One-stop shopping, for complete turnkey design and development from Concept to Reality
  • Asian Tooling capabilities to help our customers achieve extra tool cost savings
  • Rapid prototyping for initial analysis of a design and its manufacturability utilizing In-house Objet 3D models and prototype development molds, for expanded prototyping capabilities
  • Mold flow computer analysis for optimum mold design
  • ISO 14001:2004 Certification for environmental sustainability
  • TS16949 Certification for the automobile sector
  • AIB GMP (American Institute of Baking Good Manufacturing Practices) certification for the plastic packaging sector
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification for the plastic packaging sector
  • Kosher certification for the plastic packaging sector
  • 33 injection molding presses from 44 tons to 650 tons, including state-of-the art all- electric presses with robotics; shot sizes from 1 ounce to 110 ounces
  • IML (in molded labels), metal inserts, and chrome plated plastic inserts
  • Value-added secondary operations, such as sonic & vibration welding, hot stamping & pad printing; done at the molding press to eliminate extra costs


Master Molded Products, LLC., true to its mission, has the tools, the know-how and the experience to design and manufacture your plastic part.  Talk with one of our experts to get your product when and the way you want it.

MMP Mission Statement

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