MMP Adds State of the Art Prototyping Systems

MMP Adds State of the Art Prototyping Systems

Master Molded Products, LLC. continues to add State of the Art prototyping and design capabilities with the recent installation of the Eden250®3 Dimensional Printing System.

Based on PolyJet technology, Eden250® provides a complete solution for the accurate building of any geometry easily, quickly, cleanly and cost effectively. Models produced on the Eden250® are smooth and durable, with fine details and an outstanding surface finish.

This in-house system is available to all of our customers to provide fast (24 hour turnaround or less) accurate models, so that our customers can completely envision their part design before mold builds.

Features of this innovative prototype system include:

  • Ultra-thin-layer PolyJet technology
  • 16 micron high resolution ensures smooth surfaces and fine details
  • Tray size: 9.8×9.8×7.9 inch (250x250x200 mm)
  • Wide range of materials: FullCure®720, VeroBlue, VeroWhite, VeroBlack
  • Office environment
  • High Speed and High Quality Printing Modes
  • Click & build network printer

Call or e-mail your CAD file part design so MMP can build you a sample part to show you the design advantages MMP can offer with the Eden250®.  

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