Fantastic Plastic

We welcome the opportunity to design the optimum part for performance, economical cost, and moldability.

Certified Experts

TS, ISO, NSF, GMP, and Kosher certified.

Optimized Manufacturing

Automotive Plastics

Plastic injection molding solutions engineered to optimize manufacturing processes for the automotive industry. Highest quality with full TS and ISO certification, functional and decorative plastic components and assemblies conforming to automotive design demands and latest precision standards. MMP is a reliable experienced, global partner to automotive manufacturers, including Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM suppliers.

Custom Moldings

Packaging Plastics

Custom injection molding for plastic packaging products, caps, closures, containers and packages. Master Molded Products is an innovative partner for unique and complex applications. Concept to Reality in-house design service offers complete one-stop development from initial design concept, through prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing. Comprehensive secondary operations and assembly to make it stand out from the competition.

Reliable Quality

Industrial-Consumer Plastics

Master Molded Products is a “one-stop shop” for your injection molded plastic parts. Injection molded plastics for industrial and consumer product companies. Master Molded manufacturers shoot-and-ship and multi-material parts and components for diverse applications and markets. Customers of MMP benefit from optimized design and manufacturing processes to ensure the repeatable and reliable quality of parts.



Master Molded Products is a division of Quantum Plastics.

Founded in 1946, Master Molded Products, LLC. is a financially stable, technology-driven manufacturer of custom plastic injection molded parts, components and assemblies.

Master Molded Products specializes in the design, engineering, and production of precision plastic injection molded products for a wide variety of industries and markets.

Master Molded Products Video

Watch our video to learn more about our expertly crafted products.

What is your standard lead time?

Depending on the part, and type of resin, and if any secondary inserts or special order packaging is required- 4 to 6 weeks. We also do stocking and Kan Ban programs as required.

Distribution Network

Master Molded Products is a division of Quantum Plastics. While there is only one location for the Master Molded Products Division, we invite you to visit Quantum Plastics to learn about our other 4 locations and our other capabilities.

What type of prototyping can you do?

We have our own in-house 3D printer an Objet 250. Models can be made within 24 hours of receipt of CAD file.WE also work with urethane and Aluminum molds for short prototyping runs.

What type of molding presses do you have?

Primarily Van Dorn,but all of our new presses are the JSW All Electric machine.Future press purchases will be Electric.

Contact us at 847-695-9700 or to have us quote this option for your next custom molding project!